How To Meditate – 6 Easy Steps

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates 

Human beings are insane. We can take one situation that has absolutely nothing to do with us, and break it down in our heads into a mindset that is self-sabotaging. Thoughts on what other people think about us, and negative situations flutter through our minds constantly, leaving us to lost and focused on things that aren’t even true.

We miss the best parts of our lives because we are never in the present moment. 

Meditation gives us awareness on these thoughts, good or bad, and gives us the knowing of what is true; the present moment. It gives you the ability to focus on what empowers you, rather than what breaks you down. In my opinion, meditation is an absolute necessity for human beings.

Here are 6 Easy steps to meditation:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place.
  2. Lay down on floor.
  3. Close your eyes and begin to body scan from head to toe and release any tension you feel within your body; let go. (Do this intermittently through the meditation)
  4. Move your concentration to your nose and focus on your inhale and exhale breath.
  5. Visualize your breath go in and out of your body. 
  6. Every thought that arises, acknowledge it, and send it away with your exhale. You will need to do this many times in the beginning stages. It gets easier as the more you practiced.

Begin doing this for just 5 minutes daily for a week or two. Increase in 5 minute intervals weekly until you get to 20 minutes. Do this consistently and I GUARANTEE you, you will feel an improvement in your quality of life in a million different areas.

Thank you for the read!

Learn, Grow, Live!




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