How to be Confident and Spread the Love – The Ol’ Cup Half Empty/Half Full Story

Lets say you are this cup. 


Now lets say the amount of water inside this cup is based on your confidence, self esteem, and self love. So you can either have;

cup half full

A cup with little water –

Low confidence levels, low self esteem, and low self love. Your cup is barely filled, therefore it is less sturdy and easier to knock over from the outside. And on the inside, the empty space is exposed to anything that comes in its space, whether good or bad. 

Or you could have;

cup over flow

A cup with so much water that you will have over flow –

High confidence levels, high self esteem, and an impenetrable amount of self love. Your cup is sturdy, rooted, and strong. Nothing external is able to go inside the cup, leaving it untouched and fulfilled. 

When your cup is overfilled, there leaves you no choice but to wet everything that surrounds you. You drench everywhere you go with your love. 

Everyday you have an opportunity to fill up your cup, at any given time. Gratitude, belief systems, and meditations will help you fill up daily. Will you do what it takes to be filled up and overflowing, or will you do nothing and be half empty and lacking? 

The choice is yours.

Thank you for the read! 

– Native Respective



4 thoughts on “How to be Confident and Spread the Love – The Ol’ Cup Half Empty/Half Full Story

  1. I read a great saying (not sure who wrote it but it stuck with me) as follows: “There were 2 prisoners looking out through the bars of their prison cell. One saw mud and the other saw stars”…

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