The Ultimate Mentality – How you can improve your quality of life

As you guys have seen on my Instagram, (@Native_Respective) I am currently reading Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. 

In the first section of his book, he discusses what goes on inside your brain and how you can use it to produce the best results in your life. The main thing that has really hit home with me is his writing of “The Power of State”.

Essentially he discusses how you have complete control over your state of mind and you always have the ability to trigger your most resourceful state. Here’s a little breakdown of what your state is made up of and how you can control it:

state equals behaviors

First off we have to understand that or state of mind equals our behaviors. If we’re feeling positive, confident, and proud, our behaviors are going to match that by being very open, compassionate, and fun. But if were feeling down in the dumps, pessimistic, and ungrateful, well we all know what that looks like.

Now our state of mind is made up of two major inputs. The first major input is what & how we picture things, or what & how we say things to ourselves. You know, that little conversation that goes on inside of your head? You are always in response to that. Once you create awareness over it, you begin to change the internal talk and visions you play inside your head.

The second major input to our state of mind is our  physiology. The way we hold and carry ourselves at all times. Our bodies are a showcase for our emotions, and visa versa. If you carry yourself with confidence and love, your going to have thoughts that are positive and compassionate. Your entire existence is a mirror; you reflect your inner and outer experiences.

state of mind

Our GROWTH begins once we begin to present things in our lives in a resourceful, positive, way. Change your thoughts and visions to change your life.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more please check out Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. Its an amazing book and will absolutely change your life.

Thank you for the read!

Learn, Grow, Live.



One thought on “The Ultimate Mentality – How you can improve your quality of life

  1. Thanks for this reminder. Anthony Robbins seems to be you either love him or hate him. I love him! I bought a set of his DVD’s many years ago and when I feel myself slipping into bad habits, out they come to be played daily…

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